Deposit REF 1st Deposit Re-Invested
$1-$10 1% 500% --- --- ---
$11-$20 1% 450% --- --- ---
$21-$40 1% 400% --- --- ---
$41-$100 1% 350% --- --- ---
$101-$500 1% 300% --- --- ---
$501-$1000 1% 250% --- --- ---
  • Please fill up the form below and submit to us. We will process your RCB a.s.a.p. once we had received the RC.
  • Request only on the e-currency processor you used in depositing to the program, otherwise it will be deleted if you filed incorrect information.
  • Minimum payout for EgoPay is $1. Once your total accumulated RCB using EgoPay reached $1 respectively, it will be sent to your account a.s.a.p.
  • This offer is valid for SecureHyipMonitor.Com downlines only, your request will be deleted if you are not our referral. You can always request the program admin to transfer you under us to enjoy these benefits.
  • Monitoring sites, hyip/as blogs and other sites related to the industry are entitled to only 100% RCB for every deposits/re-deposits.
  • Multiple IDs are not allowed, please refrain from abusing the system. All fraudulent RCB requests to get 1st high RCB amount will be deleted in our database without prior notice.
  • Refback requests in already 'not paying' programs where we did not receive RC for your deposits will also be deleted in our database.
  • RCB offer maybe terminated without notice if we do not have anymore funds to cover it or due to other circumstances. It will be re-opened a.s.a.p. once it becomes viable again.
  • All RCBs not claimed within two(2) days after depositing in a program will be deemed waived.
  • Thank you very much for joining under us.

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